Market Activity

News at Ware & Co | 15/02/2019

The Taunton market remains steady with a good amount of activity going on.  We are experiencing a high number of people registering and looking for their right property to come on to the market.

Viewing levels are reasonable, they can vary naturally due to the price bracket you are selling in.  The market for properties below £200,000, at present, is very competitive and in some cases properties are selling within a day of coming to the market.

There appears to be a lot of people who are trying to find the right property prior to marketing their own property.  Now, this is always a dilemma for people, as if you list your property and obtain a buyer quickly and cannot find the property you want, what do you do?  However, if you do not list your property, see your dream home and do not get a buyer quickly enough you could experience disappointment.  Our view on this is that you are better to be on the market and have a buyer lined up so when the property you want comes up you are in a position to be able to offer and hopefully secure that property.